Talking SlovoEd Compact English-Russian & Russian-English dictionary for Android

Talking SlovoEd Compact English-Russian & Russian-English dictionary for Android
版本: 2.3.7 更新
上傳日期: 13 Jun 11
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SlovoEd English-Russian and Russian-English ?雙語詞典為Android包含來自世界?品質的詞彙數據庫,最著名的出版社出版。閱讀,工作和可靠的字典在你的口袋裡旅行!功能齊全,?於使用 SlovoEd在Android版,則開發用於滿足最苛刻的用戶,用於語言專家和學生,用於商務應用程序和私人使用。這些字典總?在手,讓輕鬆地表達自己在任何外語!

字典數據庫禮品russkiy yazik媒體供電。

英語 - 俄語字典包含 18771項。

俄英字典有 21509項。

俄語語音模塊包含 10000項。

英語語音模塊包含 10000項。

Improve your language skills with SlovoEd dictionary:

  • Look up unfamiliar words in SlovoEd dictionary directly from the home screen! Now SlovoEd dictionary provides translations in a Quick Search Box alongside other search results.*
  • Russian and English Morphology modules help to translate words from any grammatical form.
  • Search by voice. Speak your queries instead of typing words in a dictionary. (Uses Google voice recognition service).
  • Russian and English audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.
  • Use Fuzzy Search in case of misspelling. Just enter a wrong variant and get a list of similar words.
  • Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using Wildcard Search (use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters).
  • Integrate SlovoEd dictionary with the Flash Cards application and quiz yourself with words you have added from the dictionary.
  • Study the language in the easiest and most effective way using SlovoEd dictionary. Test yourself with a Word of the day widget on your Home screen. A random entry from SlovoEd dictionary is changed daily.**
  • Dictionary installation on memory cards.
  • Hyperlinks between related articles and directions.
  • Search History feature shows the last 20 words looked up
  • No Internet connection required: simply download the dictionary to your device and use it with no further expense incurred
  • Multilingual interface available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish languages.
  • Paragon keyboard for accurate text input in Catalan, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish languages.***

* To turn on this option, install SlovoEd dictionary and go to Menu->Settings->Search->Searchable items.
** Words from your Flash Cards are demonstrated more frequently if Flash Cards application is installed on the device.



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